10/14/1978 - 03/17/2013

     Kelly’s Angels Foundation was established January 30, 2015, and named in memory and honor ofKelly Guerrerothe founder’s sister.  On March 17, 2013 Kelly Guerrero was killed by her boyfriend.  On the morning of March 18th I received a call from my cousin.  He asked me if I have heard from my sister, and I replied not today.  The next words I will not forget.  The Stockton Police Departments Facebook page says your sisters boyfriend was arrested for killing his girlfriend you need to find your sister..  I quickly called my mom and then her son to see if they have talked to her at the same time I was looking on the Stockton Police Departments Facebook page.  I found the page and it was true, however the name of the girlfriend had not been released.  I really prayed and was actually hoping that he had another girlfriend. My mom sounded like she knew something was wrong hung up and called the police station.  She called me back and told me we had to go to the police station, when we arrived we was given the life changing news that my little sister my  moms daughter was dead we are devastated.  Kelly Guerrero left behind 4 angels of her own and numerous friends and family.  In Kelly’s name we are determined to help as many children overcome tragedy and fill it with optimism for their future.